We believe that a healthy lifestyle CAN BE exciting AND fun when it’s grounded in our daily routines.  We brew our craft kombucha with the hope that it will effortlessly become a part of your wellness rituals.

We know you already put in the work to feel your best. You eat well and exercise. And you deserve to be rewarded for efforts! Even just for the fifteen minutes you spent going for a walk in the sunshine. Take a few moments to thank yourself for the time you took to focus on your body and its needs. A cold glass of bubbly, clean-tasting kombucha might be the perfect way to do just that.

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Fernie Alpine Springs was started by Ami Lee and Simon Lefrancois, who share a passion for travel, adventure, and healthy food.

Both Ami and Simon come from cultures that have valued foraged and fermented food for thousands of years. Ami was born and raised in Korea, where her family – like the many generations before – indulged in something fermented with every single meal. This tradition of always consuming a probiotic before, during, or after eating was not luxury: it was daily routine that supported the whole family’s health.

Simon’s French-Canadian family spent his childhood in the Alps and traveling around Europe, where he engaged in local cultures and traditions around food – instilling in him an early passion for eating well. Back in northern Quebec, his father taught him how to pick wild blueberries, and as a teenager, he spent countless afternoons mushroom foraging. This penchant for and knowledge about harvesting wild foods directly from the land has been passed down to him through generations of his ancestors.

Together, Ami and Simon have created a life of adventure: they spent more than a decade immersing themselves in cultures across the globe, and practicing hands-on learning from locals about traditional herbal remedies and the myriad of ways they use nature’s gifts to help their communities heal.

Having both overcome hardship, Ami and Simon are always reminded that we can connect and thrive even during challenges, as well as through our success. Their flavours are named with this in mind: each is meant to be a gentle reminder that even when life is difficult, there is so much to be cherished and thankful for.

At their home in beautiful Fernie, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and rushing rivers, they take the knowledge they’ve acquired all over the world, and from their own families, and apply it to their brewing practice. They carefully select their ingredients and thoughtfully create beverages that are unique, refined, and a celebration of your whole body and wonderful life.