brewed all year


A little reminder to let your heart guide you when you’re in doubt. It will always lead you to the right choice.

Our most popular flavour, Love Always is brewed with fair trade green tea kombucha, organic sugar, hibiscus, rosehips, raw beets, and lemon. Its taste is floral and delicately sweet. Reach for its pale pink colour and let your heart bloom open.


This brightly-hued choice boasts the bright taste of fresh, cold-pressed wild blueberries, and blends it with fair trade green tea kombucha, organic sugar, fresh peppermint leaves, and lime.

This one is a crowd-pleaser, and the perfect choice to fill up your growler to bring to a dinner party.  

gentle soul

Listen to your soul. Be gentle with it. It knows what you need to heal.

We craft Gentle Soul all year round as an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps your body feel its best. Fair trade green tea kombucha is brewed with fresh, cold-pressed ginger rhizome, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass.



“What we think, we become.”  - Buddha

“The body follows the mind. So think good thoughts, and dream good dreams.”  - unknown

This is the perfect pick to soothe stress and relieve anxiety. Brewed with Earl grey tea kombucha, organic sugar, lavender, and lime. Let go of worry and relax into your dreams.



Life is for living, so live it up!

This bright, energizing option is crafted from fair trade green tea kombucha, lime, and fresh peppermint, spearmint, & mojito mint leaves. You’ll be invigorated, excited, and ready to celebrate after this one.



“Life is a balance of holding and letting go.” – Rumi

Fair trade green tea kombucha, organic sugar, matcha, fresh peppermint, and lemon. Matcha is a nutrient-dense green tea that has powerful antioxidant and detoxifying properties.



A French Canadian term for someone earnest, cheerful, and engaging.

Simple earl grey kombucha. Nothing more, nothing less. Because sometimes, simple is perfect.



The smell of smoke clings to your clothes after watching a roaring bonfire at the mountaintop, and the whole family is happily exhausted from an exhilarating mountain bike ride. Everyone howls at the full moon as they coast back home. It’s moments like this that remind us again and again why we love living in the Kootenays.

Fair trade green tea kombucha, organic sugar, wild berries, fresh lemon zest, and lemon. Designed with those in mind who have cute little mountain-biking wolf pups.


brewed seasonally

Seasonal flavours are available during foraging and harvesting seasons in spring, summer and autumn, and occasionally on holidays. 



The taste of Spring, when everything blooms and a new beginning is in the air.

Fair trade green tea kombucha, organic sugar, fresh rhubarb, hibiscus, rosehip, Madagascar vanilla bean pods, and lemon.


Every local knows you don’t share your secret patch. Here’s what we did with ours.

Fair trade green tea kombucha, organic sugar, fresh wild huckleberries, lemon, and spruce needles. Spruce is high in vitamin C, and has been used for its healing properties for thousands of years.


We got to these apples before the bears did!

Fair trade green tea kombucha, organic sugar, wild crab apples, cinnamon, rosemary, and lemon.


A delicious way to help yourself feel soothed and calm.

Fair trade green tea kombucha, organic sugar, cranberry, rosemary, and lemon.


Interesting flavours come together in a unique way to fuel you up, from your first fresh tracks until the end of the day!

Fair trade green tea kombucha, organic sugar, grape, apple, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, Jamaican peppers, nutmeg, and lemon.