Frequently asked question


1. How much can I drink?

If you have never had kombucha before, start by a glass a day.  If you feel fine, then you may increase the portion.

2. How should I drink it?

I like it cold in a tall champagne glass to admire the bubbles go up.  It's also so nice on ice.  Restaurants make fantastic mocktail and cocktails with our kombucha.  Read our blogs for so many serving tips, including recipes, mocktail and cocktail ideas.

3. Can children drink it?

I grew up eating and drinking fermented food and beverages since I was a baby.  Fermented food and beverage are part of stable diet in many cultures since thousands of years.  In Canada, there is not yet any scientific tests done to prove whether infants under 3 years old or pregnant women can drink it or not.

4. Is it safe for diabetics?

Although there is almost no sugar, we may find residual sugar from fermentation process.  Please ask your doctor to make sure if kombucha is safe option for your specific health condition.

5. I see a blob forming in the bottle. 

Our kombucha is passively carbonated to chase out oxygen to keep it fresh. This process also helps to slow down the fermentation with no added chemicals. 

Once the bottle is opened, oxygen from the air is naturally introduced into the bottle, and the fermentation will accelerate.  If not consumed within 2-3 days, it may form a new SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast).  Yes, it's a live drink. 

6. How do I wash my bottle for the refill?

Use the provided cleaning product and instruction to clean.  Ask at the counter.